How To Be Really Happy!

How To Be Really Happy!

The Path to Deep Happiness

How to be really happy

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All any of us ever wanted was to be happy!  That’s it!  But the world didn’t cooperate – or so it seems.  There is another way to be happy that doesn’t require a world or other people.  This happiness is an oasis in the center of our hearts.  It waits for us and has been calling us for a very long time. It is self-luminous joy, love and bliss and anyone can have it regardless of one’s past.  The cost of this priceless treasure is a little study and a little effort.

How To Be Really Happy! is a field guide - a valuable, easy to read book - which explains every step on this great adventure.  How to get across the rivers, the mountains and how to avoid the pitfalls. Once we top that last hill and gaze into the flow of light and love in the center of our hearts, we will understand that no one or no thing can ever take this away from us.

Written in a personal, folksy style, with humor sprinkled throughout, this book is never dry and academic.  The book itself is a joy to read! Unless we are happy, the grace, the light, the joy, the inspiration of the Cosmic - call it God, Shakti, Holy Spirit or Buddha Nature - will be blocked from flowing into us and through us.

Explore the profound wisdom and practical value of being happy at all times and in all circumstances.

How to kindle the spark of happiness and fan it into a roaring bonfire and how to coax the mind into a selfless ocean of peace requires some explaining. Thus, the book. Doing so is really quite simple! Even a little effort will pay off handsomely. Any progress made in this direction is going to make our lives sparkle and shine like never before!

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How to Be Happy

It's a Choice

The very first step towards a happy life is to choose to be happy. Then, everyday after that, we must make this choice thousands of times in the duration of our lives. Happiness is something for which we will have to work - make effort.

Love and Happiness

Love is the greatest promoter of happiness and for many reasons. Most of us do not feel much love or any at all but there are ways to increase this great treasure of the heart.

Love and Healing

Love has tremendous power to heal. This truth has been explored and documented in books by Dr. Bernie Siegel M.D. and Dr. Larry Dossey M.D. There is a powerful spiritual component to love which heals not only the body but the wounds in our psyche.

Learning to Love

Love is our true nature and comes to us from our heart - from the core of our being. The entire universe is floating in an ocean of love. Unfortunately, our culture does not encourage the cultivation of love. Dr. Gerald May, M.D., psychiatrist and author of numerous books, states that mental and emotional wellbeing has mostly to do with how much love we are able to give.

Depth of Love

To arrive at deep love and therefore deep happiness, one must cultivate love and diminish the ego. The ego is the opposite of love. The ego is all about me... me... me... while love is always about something other than "me." Love is about others, Nature or the Divine.

Developing Love

Pure, selfless love is not the same as attached love. Attached love wants something. Me may say we love icecream but this is really an attachment to icecream by way of expecting the pleasure of eating it. Pure selfless love expects nothing in return. It is this kind of love we want to develop.

Happiness Comes from the Heart

The Heart is the spiritual center of existence. Our own heart is connected directly to this universal Heart from which flows an endless stream of light, life and love. This is also the inner oasis of happiness that we wish to access.

An Audio Guided Meditation on the Heart

The Heart in each of us is the true temple of the Divine. From here comes all happiness, joy, love and bliss. This meditation will help re-awaken the light of love that waits within us all.

What is Love?

Love itself is mysterious. It is not a "something" and therefore the intellect cannot grasp it. It can only be known directly through the heart. Love is food to the soul and without love, our hearts whither and our lamps go out.

Love for God

Perhaps it would be better to say "Love for the Beloved" as the word "God" has so much baggage associated with it. Be that as it may, this article makes a reasonable request that whatever the universe is, it is at least aware, intelligent and possessed of a will. Furthermore, we can communicate directly with this Cosmic Being.

The Miserable Wretched Sinner

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to being happy is feeling we don't deserve to be happy. The past no longer exists and whatever we may have done or not done is now irrelevant. The past is a cancelled check and we should not continue to dwell in this non-existent, fantasy world of memories.

Non-attachment and Being Happy

Non-attachment is the ability to let life flow. We accept what life brings us and we accept what life takes away. It is our desires and fears that create happiness- destroying attachments.

Beauty and Happiness

A vacant heart sees no beauty. Beauty is all around us but we fail to see it or hear it because we are blind and deaf to its presence. Opening our heart to beauty reveals to us a magnificent and highly entertaining world we have never seen.

Enlightenment and Liberation

Enlightenment is perfect happiness. Perfect happiness is equanimity or eveness of mind. We no longer go through life kicking and screaming but rather as the joyous observer of a wonderous play.

We Are a Single Unity

Quantum physics reveals the entire universe and everyone and everything in it is a single, living, intelligent unity.

We Are All Children Living in the Dark Cellars of Our Minds

From the time we are born, we are indoctrinated with a dream of gross limitation. We are bound by the stout ropes of our fears.

The Happy Song

This is a short song we can sing to elevate our happiness quotient. It is only a few words and so it is like a mantra.

Being Childlike - Regaining Our Lost Innocence

We want to be childlike but not childish. This takes some practice as it is a state of being that has long been sacrificed on the alter of the ego.

Meditation for Happiness

Enjoy this "for fun" discussion on meditation as a means to arrive at a happy mind.

Amma and Jesus

Both Jesus and Amma taught the path of love as the way to liberation or salvation. If we are not particularly religious, we can use the word "love" in place of "God." "Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." 1 John 4:7-8 This primal truth is what all religions have in common. Love itself is the aliveness in existence.

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