How To Be Really Happy!


Chapter One

Amma comments on the importance of becoming perpetual sailors on the ocean of happiness:

Questioner:  Amma, I have heard You ask people who come up for darshan (a hug from Amma), “Happy?” Why do You ask them this?

Amma:  It is like an invitation to be happy.  If you are happy, you are open, and then God's love, or Shakti (divine energy), can flow into you.  So, Amma is actually telling that person to be happy so God's Shakti can enter him or her.  When you are happy, when you are open and receptive, more and more happiness will be available to you.  When you are unhappy, you are closed and you lose everything.  One who is open is happy.  It will draw God into you.  And when God is enshrined within, you can only be happy.”  - Amma, From Amma’s Heart

This statement by Amma is the maypole around which this book revolves and it was the reading of this statement that inspired the author to write this book.  This truth espoused by Amma is very profound.  If we are not happy we are not going to make any progress regardless of the path that we are on.  If we are unhappy we will be closed and we will lose everything.

If we look at happiness as a path and follow it out to the shining end, we will be forever liberated from all suffering.


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