How To Be Really Happy!


Because most of us have arrived at this day in our lives with very little love in our hearts, we will need to consider developing love.  Each of us has an infinite wellspring of love inside of our hearts which is connected to the heart of the universe; the heart of all existence; to the Supreme Being.  There is no shortage of love available to us.

If this is true, why are we not manifesting or feeling more love on a daily basis?  The reason is that our minds with their egoistic landscapes have repressed love.  Love has been covered over and hidden by the ego.

To reawaken love we will want to reduce our self-centered focus. 

You are loveThe ego is our sense of “I” and “mine” and “me.”  This is all an illusion that exists only in our minds.  We know it is an illusion, no matter how real it seems, because quantum physics proves to us beyond all doubt that there are no divisions or separations anywhere in the universe.  There is only a wholeness.

We can consider that we are like waves on the ocean.  The waves are individual in a way of seeing but they are really not separate from the ocean or from each other.  There is no place we will find a line of separation from one wave to the next.  This is also true at the quantum level.  Objects existing in the universe are like waves and there is no place they are actually separated.  Bell’s Theorem proves this and this theorem has been successfully demonstrated in the laboratory to be true.

This mean we have built our lives on a lie – the lie that we are all separate.  From this arises all of the negative emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, pride, greed, attachment, desire and so on.  We will want to study the mind and begin reducing the lie and the accompanying negativity.

At the same time, we will begin to practice love.  We will get down on our hands and knees and looooook under the crack at the bottom of the door to our heart and feeeeeel until we see and feel a spark of love.  To do this, try to remember what pure, selfless love feels like.  It could be a dog or cat or a favorite grandma when we were growing up.  For most of us, this may take some doing.  But do we must.  In time, we will begin to feel a spark of pure love.  Once that begins, we will use it to do our love practice.

Each day, at the same point in the day, go to a place where you can sit, close your eyes and be still.  Close your eyes and try to feel love.  It may help to think of loving Nature, or your spouse, or the tree outside the window, or the cat lying next to you.  We can also use our concept of God for this whether it is God the Father or the Divine Mother, or Jesus, Allah or Buddha.  But get this feeling of love going. 
Resolve each day to spend at least 5 or 10 minutes practicing the feeling of love with full concentration and eyes closed.

We can also practice love as we go through our day.  When we are around people, at work or in the grocery store, pick out individual persons at random and feel love for them.  Set aside a section of our drive to work to feel love for the universe.

The author has two books with describe the practice of increasing our love.  The titles are Finding God’s Love and Bhakti Sutras of Narada.


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