How To Be Really Happy!


The following is excerpted from the author's book Finding God's Love.

Love is the eternal luminescence that radiates from the center of all beings and all existence. Love is the unifying presence of the One that still reverberates in this hall of mirrors we call “the many.” Individual sparks, souls, beings, and universes without end appear to hurtle away from each other as though shot from the cannon of creation. Yet love remains the bond – the elastic stretching tether of infinity that ever belies the illusion of separation. Once discovered, love invites us backstage where “the many” is revealed to be a glorious sleight of hand.

The universe itself is an act of poetic love in which the Divine Mother, who is all form, expresses Her inconceivable affection and devotion for Her eternal lover, the pure formless Absolute. The Absolute, as the Divine Father, is the unchanging witness of the Divine Mother’s dance. As pure infinite consciousness, He is bound by ecstatic love to be the Mother’s eternal audience as She spins Her web of inconceivable beauty in the Grand Emptiness of time and space. Gripped in the fire of love, the Divine Pair play out the eons like two inseparable children embracing each other in love’s endless bliss. Every atom, every star, every sentient being and countless universes without end are like waves perpetually arising from the ocean of love and perpetually disappearing back into it again.

Love is the one true wealth – the brilliant shining diamond in the ebb and flow of existence. Love reveals the beauty in all things or, better said, love is revealed as the beauty in all things. Love is the cry of a child and its mother’s warm embrace. Love is a human being absorbed in compassion and crying with deep tears at seeing the suffering of another. Love is one ocean wave after another caressing the sand and rocks; it is lightning dancing and thunder roaring and a bee in search of the most fragrant flower. God is revealed to those who love.

Only love can liberate us while yet binding us in the unity of our common being. Love is the glowing fire that grants meaning to our lives freeing us from the prison of boredom and restlessness. Love extracts no payment. Expecting nothing, love is like an endless fountain bubbling up from the ground of being. Love gives freely to all Her children, saint and sinner alike. Love is the soothing antidote to the burning poison of self-centered delusion. Our own life is a sacred gift given to us in love by our Divine Mother and Father. Love is innocence and love is the fulfillment of all life.

Love is the true benefactor of any society. A loving people will naturally aspire to the vision of the Whole and thereby arrive at a sense of caring; a compassion for the Whole. With love as our light we live harmoniously and effectively. This yields concentration of effort which is the dynamo of any social order.  A society whose people have become trapped in the delusion of a self-centered existence will reap the bitter fruit of fragmentation, chaos, and destruction. Without love we are lost. Therefore, the practice of love is the most important aspect of our human existence and benefits society in a most practical way. May each of us be inspired to learn how to love and, in our newfound joy and cosmic exuberance, shout from the rooftops, “Love is all you need!”

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