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God is in all things
There is something about each of us, without exception, that is Divine; that is God.  To begin with, we were created in the image of God so our “image” is Divine.  Before God made the universe nothing existed except God.  When he created the universe, where did God get the materials?  He made the universe from himself and so the universe is made of God stuff – the universe is God and God is in all of the universe.  This includes each of us.  There is absolutely nothing that is not God.  If God is in all of creation, he is also in us.  There is at the very least a part of us that is God and that part can never be removed.  If God were not the light at the center of our being we could not exist.  This truth is further developed when Jesus tells us the kingdom of God is within us – Luke 17:21.  If the kingdom of God is within us then God is within us.  Also, God is love (1 John 4:8 & 16) and love comes from inside of us – from our heart – giving further proof that God is within us. 

If we say, “I am a sinner” we defile and disrespect God because that part of us that is God is not a sinner, has never been a sinner and will never be a sinner.  To say, “I am a sinner” is blasphemy.  If we say, “I am a saint” it is an act of pride and self-importance which separates us from God because God’s nature is ultimate humility and his essence is that of an innocent child.  Therefore, the part of us that is God can never be a saint.  Thus saint and sinner are two sides of the same coin called ego with ego being the sense of I, me and mine.  The ego is Satan in us.

To proclaim one’s self to be a sinner takes one in the opposite direction of God.  God’s nature is innocent and childlike which means God can never be a sinner and since God is within us, we can never be a sinner – only the mind can sin.  It is the mind that harbors sin which is the feeling of being separate from God, others and Nature.  However, we are not the mind nor are we the body.  It is confusion over this that allows us to falsely declare that we are a sinner. 

Dwelling on the idea of being a sinner perpetuates sin because “As a man thinketh so is he.”  Wherever we focus our mind there is our treasure.  If we believe we are a loser we will fail.  If we believe we are weak we will stumble.  If we believe we are stupid we will be foolish.  If we believe we are destined to be poor we will not find wealth.  If we believe we are a sinner we will definitely continue to be a sinner. 

DivineSaying “I am a sinner” is simply more self-obsession; more ego.  The subject is still me… me… me… Instead the subject should be God… God… God…  The ego (“I” and “mine”), which is Satan, should die completely.  Our goal is to become neither a saint nor a sinner but to become a nothing.  We want to stop thinking about ourselves altogether.  Then all that is left is God and this is our true and original nature.  This is the pinnacle of humility and innocence.  This is the “image” in which we were made. God is in all things and that includes human beings.

By continually chanting the mantra “I am a sinner” we doom ourselves to continued separation from our Beloved.  By indulging in this self-obsession we will never become innocent and childlike as the Jesus, Amma and the Mahatmas instruct us.  How can a sinner ever be innocent and childlike?  Does a child ever think he is a sinner?  The child lives in the incredible lightness of being.  The concept of a sinner is heavy, morbid and dark and so being a “sinner” is the antithesis of being childlike.  Being a “sinner” is to live in the dead past which no longer exists and this is delusional. 

The childlike innocence deep within us is God.  Innocence and love are the core of our being which will never be a sinner.

The thought “I am a sinner” comes from Satan himself and its purpose is to perpetuate the illusion of our separation from God.


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