How To Be Really Happy!


When we feel pure, selfless love, there is a feeling of warmth and well-being that fills our entire body.  It also fills our mind with a lightness.  This is the healing power of love.  It plants flowers and trees in the smoking, battlefield of our past.  Love will heal and sooth unconscious emotional blocks and traumas.

Love is not simply something we somehow generate ourselves.  It is the very ocean of existence and when we feel love it is because we are tapping into this and it is flowing out through us from our heart which is connected to the heart of existence.  The tapping in occurs when the ego recedes and our true nature, which is love, pours out of us.

When love is invoked, our mind has become still and focused on another person, animal, plant, God or the universe.  It is here that the connection occurs.  There is no longer any thought or even any awareness of ourselves because our mind has become one pointed. 

The Science Behind the Healing Power of Love

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How Love Heals

A quote from Buddha:  “Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.”

Clinical research reveals the way in which love heals.  On a physical level, it is built into our chemical makeup.  When another person is hurting, we naturally and instinctively give hugs, tender touches and thoughtful care.  In those times when we are receiving comfort from others, our bodies absorb those comforts.  On a spiritual level, we respond regardless of whether we are receiving or giving.

Selfless love promotes relaxation and makes space for healing.  It transmits a message to our cells to rejuvenate, repair and create.  Our DNA is able to efficiently reproduce in a whole, uninhibited way.  The vibration of affection, peace and acceptance is liberating.

Anytime we cuddle, hug or have affection with people, animals and even plants, our brain releases the “love hormone” known as oxytocin.  This promotes a bonding with others and also gives us protection from the ravages of stress and fear.  It literally heals our hearts.

In his book, Why Love Heals, Dr. Dean Shrock, PhD, gives scientific proof that loveLove heals does, in fact, heal.  He is the past Director of Mind-Body-Medicine for 40 centers that treat cancer.  He discovered that his patients did much better and lived much longer that control groups who received standard mainstream medical care.  It was not so much the teachings and programs that made the difference but the fact that the patients felt that he cared for them.

Dr. Shrock describes love as an all-pervasive flow of energy that is everywhere and in everything.  Love is the expression or the presence of a universal unity or oneness.  At the quantum level we are all connected in one whole.

When we experience this pure, selfless love we are tapping into the core of the universe and our own true nature.  The quantum field is allowed to flow freely and penetrate our being and health and well-being as well as a happy disposition are the result of this. 

Amma comments on the healing power of LoveLove heals

"Children, love can accomplish anything and everything. Love can cure diseases. Love can heal wounded hearts and transform human minds. Through love one can overcome all obstacles. Love can help us renounce all physical, mental and intellectual tension and thereby bring peace and happiness. Love is the ambrosia which adds beauty and charm to life. Love can create another world in which you are immortal and deathless.

"Pure love is the best medicine for the modern world. This is what is lacking in all societies. The root cause of all problems, from personal problems to global problems, is the absence of love. Love is the binding factor, the unifying factor. Love creates the feeling of oneness among people. It unifies a nation and its people. Love creates a sense of unity while hatred causes division. Egotism and hatred cut people's minds into pieces. Love should rule. There is no problem which love cannot solve." - Amma, Awaken Children, vol. 4


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