How To Be Really Happy!

How To Be Really Happy!

The Path to Deep Happiness

How to be really happy

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All any of us ever wanted was to be happy!  That’s it!  But the world didn’t cooperate – or so it seems.  There is another way to be happy that doesn’t require a world or other people.  This happiness is an oasis in the center of our hearts.  It waits for us and has been calling us for a very long time. It is self-luminous joy, love and bliss and anyone can have it regardless of one’s past.  The cost of this priceless treasure is a little study and a little effort.

How To Be Really Happy! is a field guide - a valuable, easy to read book - which explains every step on this great adventure.  How to get across the rivers, the mountains and how to avoid the pitfalls. Once we top that last hill and gaze into the flow of light and love in the center of our hearts, we will understand that no one or no thing can ever take this away from us.

Written in a personal, folksy style, with humor sprinkled throughout, this book is never dry and academic.  The book itself is a joy to read! Unless we are happy, the grace, the light, the joy, the inspiration of the Cosmic - call it God, Shakti, Holy Spirit or Buddha Nature - will be blocked from flowing into us and through us.

Explore the profound wisdom and practical value of being happy at all times and in all circumstances.

How to kindle the spark of happiness and fan it into a roaring bonfire and how to coax the mind into a selfless ocean of peace requires some explaining. Thus, the book. Doing so is really quite simple! Even a little effort will pay off handsomely. Any progress made in this direction is going to make our lives sparkle and shine like never before!

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